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VDS Mission Statement

The mission of the Vehicle Design Summit is to catalyze an Energy Space Race: to identify the key characteristics of events like the race to the moon or civil rights movement and then transpose this energy, passion, focus and urgency to the multitude of global challenges (and opportunities) facing humanity and the planet in this day and age.


To achieve this end, VDS will begin by assembling a global consortium of the world's leading thinkers, dreamers, revolutionaries and change agents to develop the collaborative framework necessary to harness the world's genius, imagination and inspiration.


To give this initiative an initial focal point for experimentation, innovation and philosophical development the global consortium will design, build and bring to market the VDS Vision 200, a hyper-efficient 6 passenger vehicle earmarked for India that will demonstrate a 95% reduction in embodied energy, materials and toxicity from cradle-to-cradle-to-grave relative to the Prius. 


In order to make this initiative a success, to reverse the tragedy of the commons, and to create a global group-think we need your help! We invite you to read through this site, take notes, make suggestions, and contact us. We are the people we have been waiting for and it is more than time to take action.




VDS is currently recruiting a small number of new teams and spinning out an Auto XPRIZE team to complement efforts already underway.  This process will increase the number of MIT students on board as well as close collaboration with industry and research groups. There are a number of ways in which you can get involved: start a team, join a team, become a supporter, share your expertise, make a donation or tell us about how you would use the Vision if it showed up in your garage!

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