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Design Reviews

Working with Draper Labs, Design Continuum and a small group of industry advisors VDS developed a series of Design Reviews to enables the VDS Vision 200 to go from concept to reality. Each review will consist of an introductory presentation updating the entire VDS community on the current status of VDS, a series of presentations by the systems groups, and a one to two hour presentation by each technical team. Generally, Design Reviews will take place over two sequential days to enable participants to not only consider and provide feedback to their colleagues, but perhaps more importantly take immediate action to make traction and leverage synergies while co-located. Please see below as each event approaches for a complete schedule and to determine which aspects of each event are open to the public. For VDS teams, travel and logistics data as well as detailed deliverables information is available on the internal wiki.


 Systems Architecture Review (SAR)


The SAR will take place on  September 9th, 2007 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The review will cover subsystem level trade studies, change management within VDS, and the overall mission and vision of the Vehicle Design Summit. 



Preliminary Design Review (PDR)


The PDR will take place in mid-October at the Delhi College of Engineering. The focus of the second design review will be on the work of the subsystem teams, life cycle assessment as a design driver, and the Vision's design. Half of the event will emphasize technical review and half exploration of Delhi as the city chosen as the VDS pilot location. The Politecnico di Milano team will also present on the service-model as defined for the Vision.



Critical Design Review (CDR) on November 16th, 2007


The third design review will take place on November 16th and be hosted by the GroepT team in Leuven, Belgium. The focus of CDR will be design verification, analysis and testing, as well as preliminary systems level optimization. VDS will present on the assembly strategy for the first Vision and discuss the long-term strategic plan for VDS.



Final Design Review (FDR)


The final design review before we begin vehicle assembly will take place at the Southern China University of Technology. The FDR will focus on systems integration and final design verification. This event is slated to take place December 22-23rd. All teams in China, Taiwan and Japan are expected to participate in some form.


  First Design and Build Session (DBS)


From Jan. 15 - Feb. 15th all VDS global teams will send members to RWTH Aachen to assembly the first prototype of the VDS Vision 200. Teams will also complete a set of six at scale vehicle concepts designed to keep the design space open and innovative. While the  technical teams work to bring their designs together a parallel month long seminar will run to inspire a passion for and fluency with design for environment principles. A concept unveiling and partner gala event will take place at the conclusion of the review.