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There is room for everyone to contribute to VDS and we look forward to providing an opportunity for you to learn about sustainable mobility technologies, showcase your expertise and help us to make a difference in how the world works! If you are currently a member of a research group looking to join VDS, please click here. If you represent a company that would like to sponsor VDS or provide subsystems for evaluation, testing and possible integration, please do let us know! If you are a member of the public, and would like one of these cars for your garage, then the rest of this page is dedicated to you!


Over the next month, VDS will be launching a campaign called 200 MPG for ME! The aim of this campaign is to make sure that the vehicle we design meets your needs, desires, aspirations and mobility needs. Our goal is to get at least 100,000 people signed up to prove to the major OEMs that we are ready for gamechangingly cool ways to get to work, to play and into the city. The program works like this, and as a visitor to our site, you have the special privilage to get a jump start on the action before the campaign is officially public.


Step 1.  Join 200 MPG for ME!


Why? First and foremost, in joining you will reserving your spot in line to be the first to receive the VDS Vision should an OEM agree to bring the vehicle to market.* Second, you will be radically improving the chance that the Vision will come to market (and be awesome).** Third, you will be given the opportunity to join a set of select design and development groups to help us tune and review the vehicle features and services we provide.


How? Make a contribution of $50. This is a tax deductible contribution through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and goes directly into the MIT VDS account. Once you receive a confirmation of your contribution to MIT VDS, forward this message to: [email protected]  (Anna Jaffe) with the subject line: JOIN! Start by telling us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in supporting VDS.


You will receive a special seal indicating where you stand in the waiting list for a Vision, a T-shirt and login to the VDS collaboration portal. You will also be invited to join one of the following teams and become a contributing member of VDS (though this is not required, if you are a radically busy sort of person):


1. Styling!

2. Powertrain and performance.

3. Where to go?

4. The energy space race!

5. International Collaboration.


Representatives from these groups will be invited to participate in international design reviews and present findings to VDS technical teams throughout the design cycle. 


* For liability reasons, we cannot promise that the Vision will go to market, but we can promise to give it everything we have got.

** You might be wondering how this would work! VDS aims to present a complete a car and complete supply chain for an OEM to license and manufacture. One condition of this license will be to offer the first vehicles off the assembly line to you! And because in joining 200 MPG for ME you are affirming your desire to own a car like the Vision, you help the OEM to be comfident that manufacturing such a car makes sense.