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Benefits of Sponsorship

VDS invites companies to experience the enormous sales and marketing opportunities presented by becoming a VDS Partner. A partnership with the Vehicle Design Summit is a unique opportunity with immeasurable benefits including, the opportunity to:


Leverage Your Donation

Each university participating in VDS brings a high level of commitment at the personnel, time, effort, and monetary levels.  Participating universities are each contributing up to $1 million in research support, labor, and facility use to the project thus maximizing the impact of your donation.

Recruiting Future Leaders
VDS is a unique opportunity to strengthen ties with many of the worlds leading technical universities and their students.  VDS Partners will have access the project’s exceptional pool of participants in face-to-face in meaningful, memorable ways including participation in design reviews, testing events, and exclusive recruiting events.  Avenues of recruiting include:

  • Meeting the Participants – High level sponsors can hold private recruiting sessions with teams, subsystem groups, and more.
  • The Resume Book – Participants’ resumes are made available for high-level sponsors.
  • Strengthening Ties – becoming a sponsor can help to establish and/or deepen relationships with some or all of 35 of the best universities in the world including MIT, EPFL, Hong Kong Polytechnic, and IIT Madras.

Enhance Visibility
VDS is an opportunity for your company to have brand association with a cutting-edge, ultra-light hybrid vehicle that is likely to receive major coverage across a variety of distribution mediums.  VDS 1.0 was widely featured in all forms of media, notably the following:


Video Internet Events & Exhibitions
USA Today 
Discovery Channel HD (1-hour)
SolidWorks World 2007
Christian Science Monitor
  Design News (China) Boston Museum of Science
Boston Globe
    MIT Museum

VDS 2.0, with its increase scope and reach has the potential to achieve even more visibility, especially outside the United States.