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Individual Donations

Individuals and Foundations have been critical in enabling the work of the Vehicle Design Summit.  The Vehicle Design Summit is an initiative coordinated through the Edgerton Center at MIT, and on this account recognized under MIT's 501(c)3 status. All contributions to VDS are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. We work with individuals who support the project ot find ways for them to mentor or learn from the individuals who they support, join us during global meetings, and otherwise stay up to date on the latest news emerging from the project. It is an inspiration to us to know that people put their faith and hard won capital into our work. For this reason, we do our very best to recognize everyone who supports us in a way that leaves them feeling happy and cared for.


 For example, in more thrilling case where an individual might provide $250,000 to the project, that person or family would have a vehicle named in their honor and once that copy has completed testing, will receive the car. In the case where someone provides $1, $5 or $10 we recognize these individuals with post cards from our global teams, T-Shirts, thank you mail and our eternal gratitude as well as periodic updates on our progress.


To make the deal even sweeter, for a limited time all individual donations are matched 3:1 on account of contributions that come from global teams and an anonymous matching partner.